Our retail location at N-42 Connaught Place in New Delhi carries the full line of current Leica products, from the legendary M-System and the revolutionary Leica S line, to the full range of stunning sport optics.

Professionals, enthusiasts, and newcomers alike are welcome to experience our products first-hand, and our warm, knowledgeable and professional staff is here to provide expert information and friendly service and to ensure the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Leica Store New Delhi is not only a retail space for precision photographic and optical equipment; it is a place where we seek to ignite the spark of creative inspiration in photographers at all skill levels and from all walks of life.

Our gallery showcases a rotating exhibit of images, enabling customers to get an up-close look at how Leica has become a witness to history and a tool in creating the finest photographic art.

In addition, we host several in-house demos and workshops for professionals and enthusiasts seeking to discover or enhance their photographic skills. Workshops are provided by Leica Store New Delhi staff, Leica Akadamie and other Leica professionals.

Nearly 100 years ago, Oskar Barnack’s genius idea of a small format 35 mm camera created a revolution in photography, paving the way for the birth of the Leica Legend. His diminutive, lightweight Leica offered a new, undreamed-of freedom in reportage and artistic photography. From that point to the present day, Leica has had a profound influence on our view of the world we live in. And remarkably, you can still savour this sheer visual enjoyment time and time again whenever you use a Leica product to provide that unique visual perspective.

Here at the Leica Store New Delhi we are truly thrilled for the opportunity to share our passion for photography with the community.

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